Akhutai Khatayin

Mercenary for Hire, Grumpy, Tall, Confident.


Born on the steppes of Azim, Akhutai now roams the other side of the world, picking up odd jobs, drinking a bunch and fighting a bunch more. He can appear grumpy at first, reserved and even intimidating - but he has been described as a bit of a gentle giant once you get under his scales.

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Work, anything that pays, but especially mercenary type jobs, or hunts.Trading with items- He has a lot of stuff from the steppes!Fights! He will typically not decline a challenge Fairly walk up friendly. See him around with the RP tag on? Then come say hi. Open to pre-existing connections per request


31 Years of Age Single Bisexual Prefers whiskeyLikes meat Speaks with an accent Often defers to xaelic with other xaela around.Nicknames: Grumpyscales, Ebony, Tai.

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Relations are an ever evolving thing. Not always entirely up to date.

Maral Goro - Little Snark, The Runt
Akhutai's preferred tailor - and subject for a great deal of bullying. Akhutai considers himself to be fairly close with Maral these days.

Riki Kaneuchi - Employer
Riki is one of that Akhutai considers an employer, and someone he has a healthy dose of respect for. He is currently awaiting further tasks from her.

Friend Nabi - Kharlu
Akhutai has helped Nabi out a bunch- with a history as tumultuous as hers, it was certainly needed. He has not seen her for some time now, but hopes that she is well.

Aoki Miyamatsu - Little Shark
In an unlikely turn of events, Aoki's stubborn and inquisitive nature has quickly grown on the Xaela, who not only tolerates her companionship but seems to take a genuine interest in the Raen.

Beexu Spiritbreaker - Thunderstorm
Akhutai met Beexu by chance. They ended up in a fight which he unfortunately lost; but which sparked more opportunities to get to know her better. He is a little worried about her.

Edana Gundyr - Hunter
Akhutai came upon Edana, or perhaps she came upon him, in the Quicksand. He managed to guess she was a hunter of some sort, and sees a mutual benefit to the association.

Fi War - Daredevil
It's not every sun that you get bullied by your friends to walk up to a tall broody Xaela, to attempt to hit on him, and live to tell the tale. Fi War did.

Ajir Qalli - Please don't sing
A bard, that is a Qalli and practically tone deaf. Akhutai was elected by Ajir to be his friend, and has since then tried to make the experience more tolerable by offering Ajir anything that bolsters testosterone to make his voice sound better.

Alun Calar - Khatun
Where Akhutai first found someone who could rival him in being grumpy and rude, Alun has recently returned from a journey that has softened her scales. Their relation is changing as a result, for the better perhaps?

Rhel Lyegha - Mother of Many
Happenstance meetings, with people who are just persistent enough not to let Akhutai grump him away appear as a recurring theme. As such, Rhel has landed herself in the tolerance-zone, and whilst he does not know her so well yet, he is growing more appreciative of the friendship and her kindness.

Orion Llewelyn - Hatcat
Akhutai has a habit of, almost quite literally, stumbling over Orion in the wilds. Whilst the relation can only be defined as uncertain, Orion has not been beaten up yet. A good sign?

Orbei Torgud - Fascination
Does one ever really get used to meeting a Torgud? Perhaps not. Where to look can be a challenge. Still, Akhutai is approving of Orbei, and has seen her around and about in Eorzea as of late.

Zyami Vanih - Mask
Introduced to eachother through a mutual friend, Akhutai has accepted Zyami as a friend. He tries to help her out now and again.

Acheron Moonchaser - MoonMoon
Sometimes passion has an expiration date. Akhutai does not really know what became of Acheron, and has not attempted to find out.


"He is quite scary looking, isn't he? At least that's what I first thought. But it turns out, he is rather helpful and hondest. He also called me "Friend Nabi". I.. Like that. Did I mention he makes the best goat jerky?" - Friend Nabi.
"Oh my Gods he's so neat! I mean.. I've only really actually met him once. And.. He didn't actually talk much at all. And I suppose he did kiiiind of threaten me a little bit when I touched his horns and when I made remarks that may or may not have been a little bit racist? And.. Uh.. Yeeeah..." - Lucky Glover
"I have heard he's not friends with his tribe. I wonder why?" - Rhel Lyehga
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